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»»»»»»» Basic hosting »»»»»»»» $6/month
»»»»»»» Silver hosting »»»»»»»» $10/month
»»»»»»» Gold hosting »»»»»»»»» $14/month
»»»»»»» Platinum hosting »»»»» $21/month

About Us

       SpiralWebs servers run under the ThePlanet data center  located in Dallas Texas.  ThePlanet has seven barebone  gigabit/second lines and four Barebone 2 gigabit/second lines.  Our servers are all Cisco servers, running the latest release of  Redhat Enterprise.

       SpiralWebs was founded in October 2002 by Joseph  Sklover in Washington, DC. He created the company feeling  that there was a lack in small, yet professional web hosting  companies, where the client and the company could hold a  close, personal bond. As of now, we have achieved our goal.  We specialize in making the best hosting package for you!  SpiralWebs uses the latest version of CPanel with dozens of  add-ons, allowing you to personalize your website and hosting  experience in unlimited ways! We feel we can take on any  challenge, small or large, and are willing to put out exactly  what you pay us for. Feel free to browse around at our prices.

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