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»»»»»»» Silver hosting »»»»»»»» $10/month
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is cPanel X? 

A. cPanel is a web based control panel wich allows you to easly navigate and administrate your acounts on

Q. How do I access the my Admin account?


Q. How do I check my e-mail?

A. Go to

Q. How do I upload my website?

A. You can do it two ways

You can upload through your File Manager. (in cpanel)


You can upload through an FTP 
Your FTP Login: 

Q. What is the address of my mail server?


Q. If I have other questions what can I do?

A. Go to, email, or call (410)337-3288 or (202)365-6411

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Our Goal
To provide our customers with valuable web solutions. We hope to help you get your company site started!
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